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Welcome to XLmotorcycleparts.com

Brake Free LED Helmet Brake Light Set (As Seen on Shark Tank)


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      Brake Free is an ultra-bright smart LED brake light for your motorcycle helmet that instantly improves your visibility. No apps or wires needed, just mount it to your helmet and go!

      Comes with everything you need - universal and XL helmet mounts, micro USB charging cable, quick start guide, and more.

      This amazing product lights up as soon as it detects a slowdown. Without connecting to the bike it detects engine braking, regular braking, and emergency braking via the combination of accelerometer and gyrometer sensors inside the unit. 

      The 100 super bright LED's on this unit are right at eye level for car and truck drivers so it increases bike safety immensely!

      Features a long 8+ hour battery life for continuous riding. Buy today for the safest ride out there.

      The Brake Free fits helmet sizes XS to XXL, matte and gloss finish, full face, 3/4 and half helmets. We fit-tested Brake Free on race helmets, street helmets, touring helmets, adventure helmets, modular helmets, and even some skateboard and bike helmets.

      A smarter way to be seen


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